Violence Risk Scale (VRS)

The VRS is theory- based and uses static and dynamic variables to assess risk and predict recidivism. Dynamic variables linked to violence are targets for violence reduction treatment. The VRS can be used both to assess an individual’s presenting risk and, for someone in treatment, a modified Stages of Change model is used to evaluate the individual’s treatment readiness and treatment change. The design of the VRS can help maintain structure and quantitative rigor in forensic risk assessment and treatment. Research evidence provides sound support for the psychometric properties of the VRS (please see VRS References link below).

We have also developed the Offense Analogue/Offence Reduction (OAB/ORB) Guide, a tool that complements that VRS.  The OAB/ORB Guide is designed to assess offence-related and/or offence-reduction behaviours within controlled environments such as prisons or forensic facilities, where strong sanctions can inhibit the expression of offence-linked behaviours otherwise observable in community settings. The OAB/ORB Guide assists treatment and correctional staff collectively focus attention on relevant characteristics and behaviours idiosyncratically linked to offending, well as to identify behaviours that are risk-reducing in nature. 

Additional VRS information is also available at the following links:


    VRS Brief Introduction

    VRS/VRP References

    VRS User Guidelines 


    VRS Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ (Under development) 

Gordon, A. & Wong, S. (2015) The use of a structured guide to assess proxies of offending behaviours and change in custodial settings. The Journal of Forensic Practice, Vol. 17 Issue: 2, pp.83-100,

We have also developed the following assessment measures: 

  • The Violence Risk Scale: Screening Version - VRS-SV   

       Brief Introduction -- (under development)       

  • The Violence Risk Scale: Youth Version - VRS-YV

      Brief Introduction -- (under development)


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